Nicolas Haeni

Initiated on March 17th 2020, during the two months of my lockdown in Switzerland, I diverted the objects of my daily life to metamorphose them into surprising sculptures. I brought those objects to all kinds of adventures, put them in conversation with one another. The sanitary restrictions pushed me to be more creative, and this parallel univers allowed me to escape the heavy climate of this crisis. My creative routine was very simple: every day, a new invention was presented on my Instagram account, one photo and one video shot with a smartphone. This activity stopped on May 11, the official date of the end of the first lockdown.

As a photographer, I've always been obsessed with everyday objects, because they tell stories about human habits. When I'm using an object for a picture, I'm using something that belongs to somebody else and that has been eroded by them, so that becomes unique. Basically, I'm talking about people through their own objects. Of course, some items are more interesting because of Their shape, color, strangeness and appeal to be a picture. I like to think that by using them for my sculptures, I’m giving them a new function or personality. A new meaning.

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